This… is Eberron. Specifically, the continent of Khorvaire.

You are Cyran (“kai-ran”) refugees that survived the destruction of Cyre (“kai-ree”) because you were outside of the kingdom when it got turned into the Mournlands. Whatever course your life was taking 3 years ago abruptly came to an end with the advent of peace and you were forced to take on a new profession to make ends meet. 

With many other Cyran refugees, you found yourself in the province of New Galifar, in the frontier kingdom of Q’barra, and what is perhaps the last outpost of Cyran culture outside of New Cyre, in Breland.

New Galifar is a rugged, new nation that was carved from the inhospitable, Lizardman infested jungles about 60 years ago by war-weary colonists, explorers, refugees and adventurers from Cyre who wanted to establish a land where the Peace of Galifar could be breathed anew. 

Late last year you signed up with the "Digger's Union" and paid your fees, though no work has come your way since then. 

Perhaps things are about to change, though, as a messenger has arrived asking you to visit the Matron of the Newthrone Digger’s Union.

Gold Diggers

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