Poison Dusk Lizardfolk


Superstitions about the Poison Dusk are as wild as they are unfounded. In some of the tales, the scales hunger for human flesh. In others they consume dragonshards to survive, and this is why they attack Tharashk miners.

It’s common knowledge that the Poison Dusk sacrifice their prisoners; the only question is whether their altars are dedicated to dragons or to demons. Everyone knows that they are savages, and that those with metal tools have traded for them or more likely stolen them from humans.

In the wake of the Mourning, the Poison Dusk are growing restless. Every miner knows a story of a caravan raided or a village razed. Children frighten one another with tales of the obsidian palace in the deep jungle and the army massing there.


While smaller than their lizardfolk cousins, the poison dusk lizardfolk are just as dangerous when provoked. A poison dusk lizardfolk is between 3 to 4 feet in height, weighing 42—52 pounds. Its tail is 2 to 3 feet long, and its scales shift color with its mood. The eyes of a poison dusk lizardfolk are larger than those of the other species, and males have a crest running down the back of the head that can lie fl at or extend based on mood.
Poison dusk lizardfolk speak Draconic. A lizardfolk with an Intelligence score of 12 or greater will also speak Common. Most poison dusks encountered in the wild are rangers; exceptional individuals usually become adepts and sorcerers serving dragons.


Poison dusks are far more cunning than the other species of lizardfolk. They prefer to avoid physical combat altogether if possible; when striking against a human village, they will often try to poison the water or food supply instead of launching a direct assault. When they do fight, they favor ambushes and clever traps. Bolas and nets are considered to be martial weapons for poison dusks, and they often use these tools to handicap larger foes while archers strike with poisoned arrows.

Poison Dusk Lizardfolk

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