(Large City, 23,260)

A port city on the mouth of the Whitecliff River, where the river empties into Adder Bay, Newthrone is the largest city in Q’barra. It is also the seat of government for King Sebastes ir’Kesslan and the community of New Galifar.

Like all New Galifar communities, Newthrone is heavily fortified; over the past thirty years, it has repelled multiple attacks by Lhazaar pirates and the lizardfolk of the Cold Sun Tribes.

While the city contains outposts devoted to many of the dragonmarked houses, more travelers and merchants hail from the Lhazaar Principalities and Riedra than from the inland nations of Khorvaire. Although not as grand and full of history as the great cities of the Five Nations, Newthrone has been built to replicate the architecture of old Galifar. In some ways, it looks like a small portion of Cyre or Breland has been picked up, polished, and dropped in the Q’barran jungle.


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