Large Town (pop 3700)
Adderport is the first human settlement in Q’barra, founded by Duke Ven ir’Kesslan of Cyre. Since then, Adderport has grown to become a major port city in Q’barra


During the Last War, a group of Galifarian loyalists led by the Cyran Duke Ven ir’Kesslan decided to find a new home away from the fighting. He petitioned for, and was granted, the land to the east of the Endworld Mountains, known as Q’barra. Duke ir’Kesslan organized a flotilla of ships, and the settlers embarked for a new life.

After a grueling journey, two-thirds of the ships reached Adder Bay. The settlers founded a new town, called Adderport, and began taming the Q’barran wilderness. The settlements grew, even in the face of various lizardfolk tribes. Adderport continued to grow, and the humans continued to build more settlements, as more humans joined Duke ir’Kesslan’s dream of a New Galifar. Adderport is now a fortified trading town, supporting the city of Newthrone and other New Galifar settlements along the Adder River.


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