Onorr Suldrin

Undead Karrnathi Knight


Onorr is something of an anomaly. All of the undead raised by the Blood of Vol for the Karrnathi King during the Last War came from soldiers who had fallen in battle for the crown, and they were uniformly without sentience. So how did Onorr come about? He doesn’t know.

But he does remember being a soldier for Karrnath. And fighting in the Last War.

He feels a fire inside him. Kobayashi informed him that the spell which was cast to animate him is still active within him. Somehow incomplete.

Onorr seeks to have his memories from when he was alive returned to him.


The earliest thing that Onorr remembers is fighting at the siege of a tower, somewhere in Cyre towards the end of the Last War. The fighting continued long into the night and then he remembers waking up the next morning. Everyone around him was dead. “Turned to dust”.

From that time on, something has guided him and he moves from battle to battle, as if called to it.

Since coming to Wyrmwatch, he has fought in the Raid and even though that was 8 weeks previous, something has made him stay.

His memory of events between battles is hazy, and he feels that the last 8 weeks has only been a few days to him. He doesn’t sleep… but sometimes time moves strangely for him when he rests.

Onorr Suldrin

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