Gold Diggers

Nandore's Shipwreck Journal - Day 2

So much for writing a fascinating series of interviews with fearsome criminals. Instead we’re stuck on a deserted isle waiting for rescue. Hmmph!

My job seems to be collecting wood. I’m the only one with decent survival skills and what do I get to do?

So, I gathered enough wood for several days and decided to build a lean-to shelter with it. Now we won’t freeze in the wind that comes in every night.

Kobayashi seems to have decided that glow moss is good eating. Sebastion (the prisoner) who we’ve managed to somewhat free of his chains, has proven quite adept at finding food and tonight we feasted on coonies. Bell brought us back some flour from a barrel she found in another cove – so we have pancakes as well. After a fashion. We cook them on pink frying pan that Kobayashi can summon. We now also have a barrel which we can refill from the small stream that pours into the top of the cove, just by the cave.

Perhaps this journal will get published some day and I’ll be famous. Have to get stuck here for a while to qualify and I won’t be at all put out if that’s one fate we can avoid.

The moons were high tonight. We had a good view of the bay in the night. When Bell woke us up to look at a bunch of sails, we had little difficulty making them out. Some kind of small craft. Perhaps catamarans. Kobayashi shone her medallion for a span of time, making it like day. But they ignored us. :( Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Are they some kind of natives to this region? Uncivilized, perhaps? Or just the local fishing fleet?

Tomorrow we’ll explore further afield. As a team, I hope. I don’t want to go up on that rise alone with that leopard hanging about. Perhaps we’ll find a boat pulled up in another cove?



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