Gold Diggers

Kobalog 17


I have to write carefully, there are paper thieves about.

So there was this storm, before. Storms and sea voyages do not mix well.

The storm itself wasn’t too bad. Well it was pretty bad. Worse than being in the jungle I guess. But being attacked by fish people was worse still. I used up all my spells on the leader, but he just kept coming! And Belle used her spells (I guess she is a cleric) to heal everyone and attacked him as well, but he got away. At least that meant that the rest of them ran too.

That was in the middle of the storm, apparently the big storms have an intermission in the middle, just like plays. The second half was worse, because all the crew were injured and we had holes in the boat. And there was some weird stuff going on as well with a bug I may have accidentally summoned. Oops.

Sometime after that we must have crashed into some rocks, because the next thing I remember is being washed up on a beach. A lot of people are dead, but not everyone. Belle isn’t dead, and neither are the journalist or the prisoner. They’re all people that I’ve mentioned in my journal… but thats probably just a coincidence.

So we’re stuck on this deserted coast, and I’ve been surviving off cantrips and basic conjurations. It was just me and Nandore for a while, but we lit a fire to attack rescuers and find off wildlife (there was a really big cat!) and that helped Belle find us, along with Sebastion, the prisoner.



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