Gold Diggers

Kobalog 15

A new job

So we got a new job, which is good, but it seems kinda dangerous. We have to sail half way around the continent, to a place called the Dreadhold. Its a prison, but not just any prison. Its for prisoners so dangerous that its worth carting them a thousand miles just make sure they’re secure. I don’t like prisons.

Once we get there, we have a package for some High Marshal called Voltaire.I don’t know how Anaguissa knows he’s going to be there. I wish I knew what’s in the package. I hope its not dangerous.

Anaguissa paid for the ship there, and we are supposed to be coming back with the High Marshal. Who knows how that will work out. At least ship travel is better than walking through the jungle.

And we have some fellow travellers. A prisoner being sent to the Dreadhold (so thats great) and a journalist. He talks a lot, but he seems harmless enough.

I learned the Invisibility spell. That would have come in handy back in Cyre. Belle didn’t learn any spells, I’m still not sure if she’s a cleric. I haven’t yet seen her with a book.



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